森岡 篤


Atsushi Morioka

Born on September 4, 1967 in Mie Prefecture.
Loves fish since I was a child. Moved to Tokyo after graduating from Mie Prefectural Fisheries High School. Worked at the Tokyo Tower Aquarium.
Became interested in photography around this time, and studied in the field of commercial photography.
In 1995, I started my career at the publishing company P.C.S., mainly photographing fish.
As a photographer,I started to take pictures of fish in the aquarium, which is different from underwater life.
Gradually, I started taking photographs of fish in aquariums, which are different from underwater life, and published books on the subject.
In 2019, “” and I co-published “UOZURA”, frontal photographs of fish taken by myself.
The photos have become a hot topic on social media and have been published in events and photo books across the country.
Recently, I have been expanding my activities not only as a photographer but also as a video content creator.



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