I create not only still photography, but also video shooting and video content production.

Video Creation

I create impressive videos.
I create videos from shooting to video content by myself, with an awareness of “What is the video communicating to whom?
I conduct everything from interviews, plot creation, video shooting, and video editing.
I handle genres such as product introductions, service introductions, and interviews.

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森岡 篤


I offer pet photography including aquarium and tank organisms, as well as cats and dogs.
Especially in pet photography, I take various measures to ensure that pets feel at ease.
For cats that are very cautious,I offer a service that allows you to turn your home into a photography studio.
I set up all the lighting and other equipment for the shoot at your home and create an environment where only the owner and the cat are present.
The owner is the one who clicks the shutter.

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森岡 篤

Fish Photo Archives / Book Publication

I can publish themed photo collections and books from our vast archive of tropical and saltwater fish photos.
I have an archive of 1,000 varieties of tropical fish and 1,000 varieties of saltwater fish, totaling 800,000 items.
In addition to these archived photos, I can also take new photos for a variety of projects.

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